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Good daily driver/scope hauler?

Started by tl123tsk, 12/21/2006 10:40AM
Posted 12/21/2006 10:40AM Opening Post
superb handling, great fuel economy, quick on its feet, and reasonable price. what more could i ask for?

i only have one garage space and wonder if it would be a good for carrying a smallish dob (10" portaball), 2 people, and an observing chair. kind of pushing it a bit, but i can only have one car... :S how "livable" would it be as a daily driver?

auto tranny is an $3300 option... better learn how to drive stick wink
Posted 12/21/2006 03:37PM #1
I'm seriously looking at the new G35 Infinity Coupe. 300hp, available 4 wheel drive. Looks nice, and is more roomy inside.

Posted 12/22/2006 03:43PM #2
The Cayman is one sweet car! I think you *might* be able to get a 10" portaball in it, *or* two people, but not simultaneously! But otherwise it would be a great daily driver!

Clear Skies,