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Silvia Oschatz

NGC 6992 "bone hand"

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Started by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden, 04/25/2004 06:02PM
Posted 04/25/2004 06:02PM Opening Post

I know I wouldn't want that thing following me down the highway :-) Seems like a good candidate for conversion into a monster mobile observatory.

Posted 04/27/2004 07:47AM #1
WTF?!? By the time I reached the last photo, all the previously bewildering ones started to seem normal, and all of a sudden, the last one seemed totally surreal and unconnected to the experience had inside that NORAD movie set of an RV. It made the coastal shot look llike something that was about to be struck by missiles, you know what I mean? It didn't look like a natural group of photos of happy camping in the RV and then enjoying the outdoors. Who is this for? I can't see an 'outdoorsy' type as their customer can you?

Wow! WTF!
Posted 04/28/2004 07:21PM #2
Who's job is it to get the spare tire down?
Not me! no Way!