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I got a supercharged engine sittin under my hood

Started by Broose , 03/31/2010 04:00PM
Posted 03/31/2010 04:00PM Opening Post
Oh yea...and a wife that ROCKS the house !

2010 ZR 1 now sittin in me garage 8)


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Broose K

Wonderful Wife wink
Posted 03/31/2010 06:10PM | Edited 03/31/2010 08:56PM #1
My very recent purchase (last month) does not have a supercharged engine. It was not manufactured by Government Motors, or Ford, or Chrysler. The media of late will tell you that it is a death trap subject to recall, but I have had not one iota of trouble with it. Not once have I traveled at 94 mph without touching the accelerator. OK so now you have guessed it, I bought a 2010 Toyota Prius. Never before have I been so satisfied and happy with a new car purchase. This is my 11th new car in my life. Rothschild said, "Do not buy until blood is flowing in the streets". Toyota wasn't exactly hemorrhaging in February however it was the darkest moment in their history. And Rothschild's investment advice paid off. I got it for less than dealer invoice and with an interest rate lower than the advertised promotional one. Such a sweet deal and now I can confidently tell the oil companies to, "bring it on"! It is a beautiful car in lovely Blizzard Pearl. It is something like a metallic white. The fine Japanese craftmanship is flawless and I know that I will be happy for a long time to come. When you see the herd being stampeded in one direction wisely head off in the other. grin

By the way the futures for unleaded gasoline hit $2.31 today. The dollar weakened so oil started an upward move again. To $2.31 you must add on state and federal tax and delivery costs. It is well over $3.00 per gallon in Chicago. Now that I have my hyper miler I am not worried one bit.

[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]per me caeci vident[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]
Posted 03/31/2010 07:51PM | Edited 03/31/2010 07:53PM #2
10 qwaaaks!!!

Oh....and the car is cool too!

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Posted 03/31/2010 10:31PM #3
Let me get this straight. You bought a new car but you won't even buy your wife some shoe laces? What's up with that?
Posted 04/01/2010 08:26PM | Edited 04/01/2010 08:28PM #4
Call me juvenile, but I just like the way this thread abbreviates. It makes Bruce sound like pimp of the year and conjures images of Fly Guy in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!".
grin 8) wink

Congrats on the Vette!

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Posted 04/04/2010 05:11AM #5
Yeah, I got a 'Vette in my parking lot. Step right up and see the world's loudest Z06. No emissions requirements and no state inspections add up to NASCAR-style exhausts. 8O shocked :C :S But, all the neighbors agree it is a pretty car when it's sleeping. 8)

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I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.