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Mighty Mustango meets BMW335i

Started by RolandC, 09/21/2009 07:32PM
Posted 09/21/2009 07:32PM Opening Post
I heard lots of buzz about the new 2010 335i, that it actually outperforms the 2007 M3. 1/4 mile times have been posted as low as 12.6 sec for a tuned version, 13.4 sec for a box stock. Met one coming home from Wisconsin on Saturday. He followed me up the on-ramp of the 4 lane and was going to show up another Mustang GT. He hit the gas to come around in the left lane, I let him get almost even with me and then the mighty Roush super charger opened up and Mustango left him to get smaller in the rear view mirror. It was no contest. After we both slowed down, he came up next to me with a sheepish grin and a thumbs up. I don't think he expected that much of a spanking.

Mustango waiting for a Challenger SRT8 meal!

Posted 09/22/2009 08:52AM #1
You should note the kills on the front fender, like the old fighter pilots did. You'll soon be an Ace!
Posted 09/23/2009 11:26AM #2
The stock 335i is rated for about 300bhp, 300ft-lb of torque. Some auto rags and have dyno'ed the motor to about 330bhp.
With a $1000 (and a voided warranty) chip tune to increase the turbo boost, 400bhp and 400ft-lb are commonplace.
Even at stock form the 335i can match the acceleration numbers of the E46 M3, due to the early onset of torque. With a chip tune and competent driver reports have them matching and beating the new V8 E90 M3. Handling, on the other hand, is a different matter. Power is only a small part of the M philosophy.
I would say tuned or not, the 335i is no match for your Roush Mustang. Now if you run into one of those 600+bhp supercharged V8 M3....