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New Ride

Started by raw265, 06/02/2011 03:47AM
Posted 06/02/2011 03:47AM Opening Post
My recent purchase. smile 1967 Chevelle 300.
Has a real mild SB 350 with auto tranny. 12 bolt posi 4.11 rear end.
My brother in law took it down the track last fall with a not so great carb and tune, it ran a 13:81.
Fixed the carb problems and gave it a much needed tune, should run low 13's now. Can't wait to see!

I've got a BB 454 waiting in the wings for next spring! smile


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There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 06/02/2011 03:06PM #1
Hope you can keep your rear tires on the road,had a 66" with a 396 and could not,tried everything
Posted 06/02/2011 04:15PM | Edited 06/02/2011 04:16PM #2
Nice looking car! Want to see how it does against the Rolando Mustango?

Posted 06/02/2011 06:54PM #3

That is one nice looking car, I had forgotten what a looker those were.

It also reminded me of my '64 Malibu SS... I paid $300 for it back about 1972, had the 283 and Powerglide. The engine was worn out, I had to add a quart of oil with every tank of gas. At the time I was making a meager living fishing out of a 18 foot skiff for rockfish. Sometimes I would get lucky and catch 800lbs or so and I would have a few hundred dollars for the days work. I hauled the fish to market in plastic burlap bags, I put them in the back seat. For some reason no one wanted to ride in my car. smile

I'll bet you don't have that problem.

Posted 06/03/2011 03:23AM #4
Thanks David.

The exhaust note and drag radials give it away a little. smile


There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 06/03/2011 03:28AM #5
Here is another shot of it. Somewhere along it's life someone put an SS hood on it.


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There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 06/03/2011 01:45PM #6
I applaud your choice of NOT putting low-profile tires and rims on that car. A lot of the newer hot rodders are doing it and it just looks BAD