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Parking Problem.

Started by streets, 02/27/2009 07:38AM
Posted 02/27/2009 07:38AM Opening Post
I have a problem parking my Mustang. I have this stupid fear of door dings and bumper scapes. Do I need psychiatric help?

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Posted 02/27/2009 08:38AM #1
Ron Streetenberger said:

I have a problem parking my Mustang. I have this stupid fear of door dings and bumper scapes. Do I need psychiatric help?

No, you just have a mild case of firscratchaphobia. The cure is to take the car boon-docking through some heavy brush...

There will be a mild reaction, it will take a few days to recover but then all will be well... smile

Posted 02/27/2009 10:37AM #2
You just need an old beater Volvo 240 to actually drive around town; the uglier the better.
Posted 02/28/2009 06:03AM #3
Park far away from the congested areas of public parking lots and walk a longer distance to get to the front doors of said establishment.

Whatever you do DO NOT park across 2 or 3 parking spaces to protect your 'baby', I've personally witnessed cars get deliberately vandalized for this. Cell phone cameras are great witnesses to this sort of crime, as well as some places have lot surveillance security cameras. End result to your baby though is still the same, just sometimes get a slight satisfaction from knowing the vandal may be caught and prosecuted. I would imagine the paint job alone on that 'stang' would be in the neighborhood of $3000.00+ and that moves the criminal offense into felony territory in a lot of states.

Me I drive an F250 with the extra duty snow plow & trailer pkg, the rocker panels are about 2' from the ground stock, and I have a set of side bars/steps I fabricated from 11ga. rectangular steel tube. The outer edge of these sets about a 1/2" further out than the outermost skin of the body panels, does a heck of a number on any door that is carelessly flung open into it. Scratches the step too, but a little 220 grit & a $5.00 can of Rust-oelum pretty much takes care of that. 8)

Good luck keeping your "baby" safe, it's purrdy!

Mark Jordan
Posted 03/02/2009 07:38AM #4
You do not need psychiatric help. I have similar fears. My 1994 T-Bird Super Coupe has never received even one blow. No door dings of any kind. I park far away from the crowd (I don't mind walking). I try to park on end spots and never next to any large trucks or SUVs.

My wife's Taurus got two matching blows, one on either side. One was from a truck and one from an SUV - both did when they were backing out, scraping the rear doors of her car in the process (both took off without leaving their names). The damage was extensive, cost her $1500 to repair, and when she went to trade the car in, the salesperson noticed the slightly different paint. She was offered $2000 less because of the slight nismatch.

Posted 03/08/2009 04:23PM #5
Nice Car But!!! If it was a 1965-1972 original it would be nice too protect..the new one's will not be in future as old one's are..sorry but they are nice but will not stand test of time as older one,s believe me as i have older chevy's generation do not care after my generation is gone.. sad
Posted 03/14/2009 01:39PM #6