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Re: If you could restore...

Started by trek2100, 05/15/2005 12:41PM
Posted 05/15/2005 12:41PM Opening Post
Porsche 356 Speedster.

I might break even on it, depending on how bad it was to start with. Restoring my low mileage 1979 Porsche 928 to concours would be a losing proposition, even though its a good 10' car. Its gonna make me a great street/track car and cost me less than a new Boxster. If only i would stop spending money on astrophotography gear....

My retirement dream is to live out in the mountains/country and restore old Porsches and build an observatory. I got about 23 years to go on the Porsche dream. The observatory dream make take another 10 to realize.

Heres a pic of my 928. I use it to haul my astro gear to starparties. Its the only vehicle i have right now that i can do this with. My pickup is too rough.

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John Krawczyk
Crownsville, MD
Posted 05/15/2005 02:49PM #1
Nice car, I worked on a few of those when I worked for Porsche.

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