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Re: Lotus Elise

Started by jamarsh56, 05/08/2005 02:26PM
Posted 05/08/2005 02:26PM Opening Post
I saw an Elise at a car show. In pictures the car looks a bit odd but in person it is quite striking. You will get noticed.

The car is noticeably smaller than my Miata. The interior is spartan - almost a race car. This car is for enthusiasts of a very particular type - those who like the lightest, most responsive sports car available.

Most people would not like the stiff ride, the lack of room or comfort, the nearly non-existent trunk space and the complete lack of amenities. The car is not easy to climb into or out of. I believe it has an exemption on meeting US safety standards. Virtually noone would have this as their only car.

The car is so light that the 190hp Toyota engine gives it great acceleration: 0-60 in under 5 sec. On a track, higher power sports cars can have a higher top end speed. Very few production cars will do better than an Elise in tight turns.

The Toyota engine should be reliable but I wonder if the rest of the car will be built to Toyota reliability. The enthusiasts won't mind - they like tinkering.

I think list price is about $40,000 - approaching Corvette prices. Only limited numbers will be imported to the US. I'd love to have one.