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RX 8

Started by deans, 02/25/2004 11:30PM
Posted 02/25/2004 11:30PM Opening Post
My 'mid life crisis' ride. Not like the mighty american muscle cars but pretty quick on twisty country roads. Its sitting in front of my observatory.

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Posted 02/28/2004 09:00PM #1

I had a 1973 RX-2 (4-speed, 4-door) from 1976-1987. My dad bought it new and I got it when he bought a pickup.

Gawd I loved that rotary engine. In many ways it was the most fun car I ever owned…a pocket rocket. Even though both subsequent vehicles (3.8L Buick Century and 4.0L Jeep Cherokee 4x4) were/are actually quicker, the Mazda had a quicker feel. And it was so smooth and quiet. It would accelerate up the Grapevine in 4th gear (for those who don't know, the Grapevine is where Interstate 5 climbs out of the San Joaquin Valley over the Tehachapi Mtns heading south toward Los Angeles…maximum grade is a bit over 6%, which is not overly steep for a mountain road, but is for an interstate). The car was well-built and easy to work on, except for having two distributors. Plus the back seat and trunk were very roomy for such a small car.

I used to street race (shhh…don't tell my teenage kids), and, by picking the competition carefully, I did quite well. I could best a six-cyl mid-60s Mustang, Porsche 914 (I think that's the right one, the little boxy mid-engine thing), etc. At the time, I could outrun every other Japanese car but a Datsun 240Z. The most fun, though, was the time I pulled up to a stop light on a major street in front of the college and found myself alongside a 351 Cleveland Mustang and a 350 Grand Prix revving their engines at each other. When the light turned green, I entered the fray. When I hit 60 mph, the Mustang was half a car length ahead of the Grand Prix, which was half a car length ahead of me. Just then, a long-haired, sgraggly looking guy in the passenger seat of Grand Prix leaned out the window, and yelled in a drunken sort of drawl "Daaammmm, that Jap car's fast!"