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So, why can't Detroit do this?

Started by Lee_S, 11/20/2007 11:52AM
Posted 11/20/2007 11:52AM Opening Post
Check this out. Neil Young had his 1959 classic car turned into a hybrid.

On one hand, this hybrid conversion is seriously cool:

On the other hand, it makes me really mad that we haven't had this option from the factory all along . . .

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Posted 11/20/2007 03:37PM #1
Here's more on biofuel powered hot rods:
Posted 11/21/2007 06:45PM #2
To be more accurate the question should read: "Why won't Detroit do this?"

The answer: pick your conspiracy!
1. The number crunchers tell them they will lose money faster doing than that if they stay the course.
2. Cultural. It's like asking a Symphony Orchestra to play Purple Haze (now you know how old I am).
3. Political. The 'ruling class' is happy the way things are After all, they're ruling and rich!
4. Faith: there are new giant oil fields just waiting to be found. A lot of them.
5. Counter-conspiracy. There is no shortage of oil, and cars don't pollute, and global warming are all hoaxes perpetuated by (fill in whatever group seems appropriate)!
6. There are these people quietly buying up Ford, General Motors, etc. short.
7. Etc., etc.,

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