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Souvenir for Roland from the streets of San Fran.

Started by astrodog, 06/26/2009 10:52AM
Posted 06/26/2009 10:52AM Opening Post
Me thinks your pony could use a stable mate.



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Posted 06/26/2009 10:53AM #1

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Posted 07/14/2009 09:47AM | Edited 07/14/2009 09:50AM #2
Those photos remind of the Studebaker Gold Hawk from around 1956-57 (apparently '58 too)

My father had a subscription to Science and Mechanics and there was a write up or two of the Golden Hawk, I believe the later model was powered by a 289 with a blower, my memory says it was a Paxton but who knows. Of course I dreamed about that car, probably the only car I ever dreamed about...

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