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Toyota Cavalier

Started by Lee_S, 02/24/2008 09:36PM
Posted 02/24/2008 09:36PM Opening Post
What if I had a Toyota Cavalier instead of a Chevy Cavalier? Check this out:

BTW...this weekend my Chevy made it from the Jacksonville Beaches to Atlanta, GA in 6 hours on one tank of gas each way and got 31 mpg the whole way. 8) Plus, I didn't pay no gas guzzler tax! Woohoo! grin

I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.
Posted 02/24/2008 09:51PM | Edited 02/24/2008 09:59PM #1
OMG. I looked at the engine picture. it appears to be a Quad 4 motor (GM). Usually, Chevy is taking Toyotas and putting a Chevy badge on it. A Chevy with a Toyota badge.... 8O .In my previous life as an auto mechanic I saw quite a few Caveliers running well with 150,000 miles plus. Change the oil often, if its an automatic, DEFINITELY change the tranny fluid every 10,000 or so, keep the spark plugs in good shape and that Cavelier will see many, many miles.

It is what it is...