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Toyota Tacoma

Started by Wolfstar, 04/30/2007 03:24PM
Posted 04/30/2007 03:24PM | Edited 04/30/2007 03:25PM Opening Post
It ain't very fast, no heated seats, no navigation system or distronic cruise control, but it has a tachometer and a sweet facory stereo. And at least I wont have to use my Camry to haul stuff any more.

So I got a 2007 Toyota Tacoma as a "birthday present". White, 5 speed (the ONLY STANDARD TRANSMISSION out of 40 or so on the lot :S ) . Not a sports car, but it grows on you. I am going to take it up to the mountains on Tuesday to see how it does with the grades up on the Mogollon Rim. Putting 10 bags of concrete in the Camry for my new pier worked wonders on convincing the wife I NEEDED a new truck wink .

It is what it is...
Posted 05/01/2007 05:42AM #1
Tony, I've been lusting after the same truck; I'll get one some day. While you're up on the rim, check out Blue Ridge Ranger Station on Hwy 87 for me (just north of Clint's Well); I worked there one summer.