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Umm, Bad like HOT? or bad like, well...BAD

Started by Tony Miller, 02/28/2004 08:12PM
Posted 02/28/2004 08:12PM Opening Post
Okay, here is my bad ride. It's the latest in a long string of old Rovers I have owned starting with a 1958. This is a 1963 88" Land Rover with a pickup cab. My Rovers, including this little beast have been my daily drivers for the past 11 years. Typical British workmanship.
Land Rover, the worlds most reliable, unreliable vehicle. Whether going to K-Mart or Katmandu you will have to stop and fix something BUT you will get there.
Thanks for looking,
Tony Miller

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Posted 02/28/2004 10:26PM #1
I very-much LIKE.
Thanks, Tony.
Best wishes.
Posted 02/29/2004 06:05AM #2
"going to K-Mart or Katmandu"

Cool ride Tony. My guess is that you could get to K-Mart
by way of Katmandu in that rig.

Pat G.