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Why isn't this required viewing in driving schools

Started by tl123tsk, 11/02/2009 03:52PM
Posted 11/02/2009 03:52PM | Edited 11/02/2009 03:53PM Opening Post
I can't describe how pi$$ed I get when I see teenagers texting each other while on the road. For crying out loud, is there anything so important that they can't wait to text each other about, instead of keeping their damn hands on the wheels??? >sad
Just the other day some stupid woman (sorry to be sexist, but why is it always a woman?) fishtailed at the highway off-ramp--I was having a field meeting about 30 ft away. So what did she do? She stepped out of the car, while texting on the phone, looked around, and drove on while texting of course.
Where's the solid steel guardrail when you need it? :S
Posted 11/02/2009 06:31PM | Edited 11/02/2009 07:33PM #1
I agree 100%!! In july, I was involved in an accident with a 16-year old girl who was not texting, but talking on her cell phone. She was pulling out into traffic, and never looked to see me coming down the road before she pulled out. I had nowhere to go, no room to stop, and I hit her right behind her door. If I'd hit her just two feet farther forward, she'd be worm chow. She had only had her license for less than 3 weeks! She got a ticket, but pleaded not guilty, after her insurance had already paid my claim against her. Her father got a lawyer, and they were banking on me not showing up in court as a witness. Her attorney had already made a deal with the judge prior to trial. Had I and the police officer not shown up, her case likely would have been thrown out. When the case came up on the docket the attorney said, "your honor, since the prosecution witnesses have come to court, we plead no contest. I was immediately dismissed, never got a chance to speak, and the girl got off with a "I'd better not see you in here again, or I'll let you have it lecture". I was madder than hell. >sad

In Oklahoma, 16 year old drivers have a restricted license. If they get cited for a moving offense during that first year, the restrictions are impossed for another one or two years. She was given no such punishment. That's the justice system for ya.

My nephews, who drive, and often go observing with me, know better than to get involved in a texting session when we're observing or if I'm in a vehicle they're driving because they know I'll let them have it. I've let them know in no uncertain terms that's a mistake. People with cell phones who have no sense of etiquette or decorum get no quarter from me.

Oklahoma State University--The University of Oklahoma!--GO POKES!! GO STATE!!
Posted 11/02/2009 07:03PM #2
I heard a discussion of this video on Radio Australia a while back. One of the comments was that techniques based on fear are not very effective in deterring risky behavior.

Personally I am totally dismayed and irritated by drivers on the cell phone or texting and would hope that any person texting or talking would watch the video and wake up night after night with nightmares until they finally resolved to never do it again.

Posted 11/02/2009 09:12PM #3
Tinchi Lee said:
I can't describe how pi$$ed I get when I see teenagers texting each other while on the road.

Here's another video on that subject, of an actual double fatal accident that occurred in Utah. It's about 15 minutes long but worth watching.

Just the other day some stupid woman (sorry to be sexist, but why is it always a woman?)...

You're not being sexist. That's reality. After I noticed the predominance of female cell phone drivers, I started keeping track by marking them down on a business card. I've done this several times and got the same result each time. I've found an average of 85%~90% of the cell phone drivers in my area are female. In addition, every near miss I've experienced in the past year has been with female cell phone drivers; about half teenagers and half soccer moms.

I don't know how to get through to these people. On my last trip to California, which now has a no-cell-phone-in-your-hand-while-driving law, I observed just as many cell phone drivers as before the law went into effect. I'm tempted to chase them down, grab the phone out of their hands and throw it under a passing truck.
Posted 11/04/2009 08:01AM #4
Sometimes I wish I never scrapped my 1990 Chevy Blazer SUV.
4000 lbs of American steel, with GM-sourced brakes (i.e. garbage), should make these lane cutters wish they took the bus that day. smile
In that car I had been hit more times than I can count, mostly in parking lots and in bumper-to-bumper traffic. In many cases they drove home without a bumper while there was nary a scratch on my car.
And yeah all the people that hit me were women :S