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Your scope's RIDE

Started by omahaastro, 08/27/2006 06:54AM
Posted 08/27/2006 06:54AM | Edited 08/27/2006 06:55AM Opening Post
When I saw this thread category, I scratched my head initially. But I guess that first thread tied in to the overall theme fairly well. smile

So, I'd like to keep it going. I just posted these on the Obsession forum. I think I found the perfect vehicle for the 18", wheel barrel handle ported Dobsonian (at least if it's close to Kriege dimensions). It's flat leading across the tail gate into the rear end, 6" wide ramps fit perfectly next to the air vents underneath the front seats, the wheel barrel handles fit with an inch to spare. Anyway, anyone considering an 18" Obsession, the Honda Element fits it like a glove! And it gets good mileage, is a low emission vehicle, and very reliable to boot!

Now, let's hear about your scopes ride! smile
Posted 08/29/2006 07:11PM #1
[COLOR="Purple"]The Element is a good choice! A member of our local club has one and loves it. I may have to move up to something like that to transport my latest creation, an 18.75" f/5.22 monster. That or a trailer.

My current ride, a PT Crusier dubbed "Scope Hauler", won't have enough room for the new scope + camping stuff, even with the roof box on top. Here's a pic from this past April when I went to Big Bend National Park for some dark sky observing with my 14.5" scope.

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