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Definitely a trick, not a treat.

Started by ccanelos, 11/01/2008 01:32PM
Posted 11/01/2008 01:32PM Opening Post
I didn't know whether to post this in the pet forum or the I like to complain forum, but it's both.

I keep telling her, "Poppet, the black and white striped kitty is not afraid of you. Do NOT try to chase it out of the yard." But does she listen? Noooooooooo. This is the fourth time. I'm getting to where I can mix up a batch of skunk remedy quicker than you can say, "Get her into the tub!"

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Posted 11/01/2008 03:35PM #1
Here Kitty, Kitty! wink

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Posted 11/02/2008 06:52AM #2
The first time our german shepherd got hit we tried everything. (My hands got worn out with all the washing!) The hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap was the only thing that really worked. The second time a skunk came around she killed it (blood everywhere!) and she only got a little bit of the stink on her. Glad we have her up on her rabies shots!
Posted 11/03/2008 06:07AM #3
My first time was this weekend. Tried the old tomato juice routine, before I learned of the peroxide and baking soda. He still smells, but it is bearable. I am all stocked up on peroxide and baking soda now.

I guess as much as he chases stuff that once in about seven years is a pretty good record.

What is amazing is how after I washed him, I could no longer smell the skunk until I was away from the smell for a few hours. Then I could slowly begin to smell my own hands. Ewwwww! At least the folks at the office say they don't notice. smile

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