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Re: Heaven

Started by errnum, 10/23/2008 12:55PM
Posted 10/23/2008 12:55PM Opening Post
Hi Julie

That is the same story as one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. Perhaps the story predated the show.

This wikipedia link-- At the bottom of the page there is a link to a CBS page where you can watch the entire episode. It is a real tear-jerker. I had to reload the CBS page a couple of times before it would play.
Posted 10/23/2008 09:05PM | Edited 10/23/2008 09:11PM #1
Hi Julie

I got the Twilight Zone episode "The Hunt" to play all the way thru from the CBS link, but a download would certainly be better. Had to reload the page a couple of times. Maybe slow ping speed or firewall interference.

Has been years since seeing that episode, back when I knew even less about dogs than my present state of ignorance. Today I could at least recognize that the TV episode dog is probably a blue tick hound. The Twilight Zone episodes were typically rush jobs with indoor sets or back lot shots. Tis surprising how 'appalachian' some of the outdoor shot scenery appears. Of course from the 1930's on, many Appalachian movies and shows had been made in Hollywood. There were probably stock sets ready-to-go.

Early in the episode, in the coon hunt footage. Dunno anything about hunting or hounds, but it was amazing to see the blue tick doing the same treeing behavior my rescue English and Walker hounds do daily for squirrels. The old English hound has probably been hunted, but I know the Walker has not. The English will leap up trees and try to shinny the trunk (with little success). The Walker jumps trunks too, but he will also just walk way up into a tilted tree. The Twilight Zone blue tick does one pretty good run up into the tree, but my young walker would keep on going up, with such an easy tree.

There must have really been a coon (or other furry critter) in the tree to get such authentic behavior. Mine don't waste their time on empty trees, and they are not especially trainable.

While watching the coon hunt scene-- The audio was just medium amplitude in the computer speakers. When the TV hound started yowling up the tree-- My hounds never pay attention to TV or radio, and had been soundly sleeping in their favorite chairs. They both woke up barking wildly, rushed down the stairs, thru the dog door and out into the woods sniffing trees. To me, the TV dog sounded like ordinary generic barking, but apparently it means, "There's a coon!" in hound language? Universal dialect perhaps?