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Re: Silly Critter Pictures

Started by errnum, 10/22/2008 08:02AM
Posted 10/22/2008 08:02AM Opening Post
Julia, those are fabulous pictures! I especially like the Sheep-Jumper and the Confident Cat. Did you take all those? Great talent.

The Confident Cat looks like a violation of all known laws of nature. Incredible that dogs could be well-trained enough to let the cat get away with that.

The Sheep-Jumper almost looks photoshopped, but have seen similar brave dawg jumping. Awfully difficult to trigger the shutter at just the right moment. Did the dog use fore-feet to launch off the sheep's backside, or is that just his flying posture after a clean leap?

Years ago when they were young, my big Lab Retriever would run full-speed straight-line after a ball, and the little Australian Shepherd could pace her, repeatedly jumping entirely over the Lab from one side to the other. A FAST little Aussie. That was such an improbable feat, it is hard for me to believe it ever happened. They did it routinely till they got old and started slowing down. Was too dumb to take photos.