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FS128, G11, and recap of mods....

Started by gnowell, 04/28/2008 07:50PM
Posted 04/28/2008 07:50PM Opening Post
Every now and again I get an urge to post a pic of this thing. This scope is my "home away from home" (the other being a c14 on a different mount). The FS128 is modified with the Moonlite focuser, mainly.

The G11 has accumulated the following mods since I acquired it in Dec 00:

--third bearings in RA and Dec
--new stepper motors (SAIA replacing Hurst; this is a huge performance improvement)
--new worm gear on order from Ovision - don't really need it, but I hate to feel left out of the latest and greatest
--upgraded the encoders from 4096 to 8192 tic resolution
--dumped the NGC Max, got an Argo Navis
--Berlebach wood tripod with G8/G11 adapter (this is actually the first one in EL MUNDO! but I'm not sure it matters, except that now they are selling pretty well, according to Mark at Teton. I persuaded Berlebach to undertake the task and helped them develop it.)
--polar scope is the one that "expires" in 2030 (round about when I will, maybe) instead of 2010

I'm quite fond of the G11 and the FS128 seems to do very well on it.

Greg N

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Posted 04/28/2008 10:11PM | Edited 04/28/2008 10:12PM #1
Hi Greg,
What a nice setup! grin I would love to hear how you like the new worm for the G-11. I have looked at them, but at $600, it is a lot. I have good tracking as is, so I have not felt the need to do anything so far.
I do use a 127mm on the G-11 too, it works great.

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