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Lots of kids

Started by slotdrag, 05/12/2007 04:56PM
Posted 05/12/2007 04:56PM Opening Post
Well tonight we are having a camp over slumber party for my cub scouts and neighbor kids. so im going to have a yard full of tents. Im going to set up my C8N and so the sky off. Ill try and post some pictures later.
Posted 05/13/2007 04:21PM #1
Here's some of pictures, Had about 20 people and us 5. One of the boys brought a chair over and sat at the scope most of the night the rest of the kids did there camp out stuff. So i told his dad to stay behind in the morning, After the rest went home I gave the boy a telescope it was an old wards 60x700 on a nics all metal tri pod with slow motion controls. Man i love doing that I do it at the schools also. I give a little lesson then i give a couple scopes away.

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