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Me and My Babies

Started by jonisaacs, 05/24/2009 05:15AM
Posted 05/24/2009 05:15AM | Edited 05/24/2009 05:22AM Opening Post
Not long ago, Greg Nowell needed some photos of EQ mounted Newtonians with an observer for a presentation and asked if I had any. (Privately he told me he knew most you had photos but he chose me because I was the best looking. 8O )

Since I didn't have any photos of myself with the smaller scopes I took this as an opportunity. This photo is a typical San Diego backyard observing session, a telescope/mount or two of some sort, my beloved and well-worn Starbound chair, the table with some binos, a shortwave radio and the eyepiece case.

The telescope is an early model Synta/Konus 200mm F/5 Newtonian riding in a set of Antares Rotating rings (thanks Pollux) on a CG-5 ASGT KNOW-TO mount. I decided on the term KNOW-TO because while it has the GOTO feature, it don't get used 'cause I like to navigate the skies myself. In the photo I believe I was viewing a nice clean split of Porrima at about 1.25 arc-seconds using a 3.5mm Nagler + Paracorr for about 325X. The focuser was replaced with a Orion Crayford which is shorter and so I use the Paracorr as an extension.


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Posted 05/24/2009 05:35AM | Edited 05/24/2009 05:37AM #1
Here's one of the photos specifically requested, me on the ladder. This is the Meade 12.5 inch "Research Grade" in the front driveway. Due to it's 300lbs weight, this is as far as it goes, it stays setup in the garage and I roll it out. Start to finish that takes about 3 minutes.

(The obviously flimsy ladder has been replaced.)


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