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Me, my 16" and my setup

Started by mileslegionis, 09/28/2008 01:05PM
Posted 09/28/2008 01:05PM Opening Post
Just spent a wonderful two days in the Withlacoochee State Park north of Tampa this past Friday and Saturday, just getting back this morning. It was the first night for my rebuilt under dark skies, and things went beautifully. We had about 45 minutes of absolutely fantastic transparency and seeing early Saturday about 9'ish, and all sorts of globs, the Omega Nebula, and other things were taking all the power I could give them in my binoviewer.

Here is a picture of me and my setup, all of which fits in my CRV, which I took pictures to prove it (I took them b/c one of my observing buddies said he couldn't believe it would all fit AND I needed to know how to replicate

I had a blast, and it's great to be back into the hobby after a nearly two year absence.

Clear Skies,


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Posted 09/28/2008 01:13PM #1
Very nice Guy, it came out nicely! Good spot you picked too. wink

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Posted 09/29/2008 04:37AM #2
Awesome stuff Guy!
Glad you are back in business! 8)

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Posted 10/06/2008 09:15AM #3
Wow, you managed to fit everything in the CRV?! 8O

That's amazing! 8)

Oh, a bit off topic. How's the temperature there at night?