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ozark setup

Started by rajuncajun5544, 12/05/2009 09:41PM
Posted 12/05/2009 09:41PM Opening Post
Here's my rig in its current incarnation. I made the pier using a 4X4 in 300 lbs of cement with a couple of 2X4s each in 80 lbs cement to stabilize it laterally. It's not bad for how cheap it was to build.

This is kind of an amusing pic b/c I forgot my 12V deep cycle this trip and had to power my drive base and relay box off the ol' lawn tractor.

I live in Kansas City, so it's nice to toss everything in the back of the Honda (60 mpg) and run down south for the weekend. The skies are super dark out there! Now all I need to do is practice, practice, practice getting some nice views and photos.

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