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Pimpin' the new TEC200/9 ED

Started by mclemens, 01/03/2008 10:21PM
Posted 01/03/2008 10:21PM | Edited 01/04/2008 12:39AM Opening Post
Bought just in time evidently. Yuri just posted that the TEC200's (both ED and FL) may go the way of the do-do bird in 2008. So far only 1 clear night with mediocre seeing since its been installed in the observatory. Still, it showed some nice Martian detail during the best moments. Looking forward to learning to use the webcam better with it.

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Posted 01/03/2008 11:16PM #1
Wow, that is quite a scope, congrats! grin

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Posted 01/04/2008 05:55AM #2
Wow! I just kept going back and forth looking at the picture then reading your script. But we thank you for pulling the shroud of bad weather away from SC. It was excellent last night and proposes to be similar tonight with better seeing. It isn't necessary to look through your scope to appreciate what it can provide. Our weather tells it all. Again thanks!

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Posted 01/04/2008 06:30AM #3

Enjoy it Mike! wink

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Posted 01/04/2008 07:14AM #4

Man, what a scope! Mahvelous, dahling, simply mahvelous! grin

I'm curious. How tall is your pier? I have an AP1200 just itching to get started, but I have no idea how tall a pier to get. I have no plans of putting something as long as this on my mount for now - yet. I'm hoping to get something a lot shorter, but I also don't want to get something too short.

Posted 01/04/2008 09:26AM #5
That's a sweet looking rig. Kinda looks like John Denver standing next to it.

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Posted 01/10/2008 05:54PM #6
Mike, you definately have that "you da man!" look next to your beautiful TEC on it's AP mount. 8"er! You should be ashamed showing it off to us mere mortals! 8)

Jeff V.