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Re: apo fetish

Started by David Simons, 06/22/2009 10:39PM
Posted 06/22/2009 10:39PM Opening Post
Wow !

What's the story on the lense ? Curious minds just wanna know : )

david goldman said:

here's one scope that takes care of aperture envy.

David Simons
Posted 07/17/2009 04:17PM | Edited 07/17/2009 04:18PM #1
Interesting lens. Has it been re-oiled (or back to the hands of the creator)in its history? I wonder if its "related" to the design of Jim Phillips 9" f/15 AP lens.

I am using an 8" refractor also, and planets (when I can get 'em) are just unbelievable. I usually step up in power until its too much and then back right down. I've had nights on Saturn and Mars with the 8" TEC where I stepped all the way up to 550x magnification and sat there for an hour. Long live big APO !

I think you can get by with a 18" long dewshield for an 8" lens. Flock the inside and put a baffle at the extreme end and use a dew heater.