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Re: How many is too many!

Started by Ron Oehlert, 08/10/2013 06:13AM
Posted 08/10/2013 06:13AM Opening Post
Depends on what they are, and weather or not you can do without any of them. My primary scope is a Cave Deluxe Astrola 8" f/7 reflector which I'd be satisfied with if it were my only scope, but I also have a Criterion RV-8 (also 8" f/7) which I suppose I could do without, but its' mounting is so very steady in the wind yet it's light weight
& easily portable (more so than the Cave). And a Criterion Dynamax 8 Cat (very easily portable vs the longer & heavier 8" reflectors), plus my DIY 6" f/8 reflector that I've had since the early 1970's (I've used it for real scientific research in years past). And a Jaegers 3.25" f/12 achromat for Grab-n-Go sky checks plus a Jaegers 5" f/5 16X RFT. These last two refractors are both Alt-Az mounted with Slo-Mo controls on both axes making them intuitive & fun to use for youths & adult newbies. Then my 1st scope, a 2.4" f/8 air-spaced achromat received for Xmas in 1956 when I was 11 years of age. Is that too many? Somehow an even larger reflector (perhaps a 16" f/4 that needs no ladder) for DSO's seems neccessary yet, don't you agree?