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Re: How many is too many!

Started by jonisaacs, 08/14/2013 12:00PM
Posted 08/14/2013 12:00PM | Edited 08/14/2013 12:01PM Opening Post
david goldman said:

I read a lot of "telescope for sale" ads. A number of sellers indicate they have too many telescopes, hence the sale. I have 14 telescopes. How many is too many?.
How many is enough without feeling guilty?.Give me a number, thank you...

I suspect that space is the primary limitation, for me it is. The limit is the number of scopes can I store in a reasonable fashion, reasonable meaning that it doesn't take me 10 minutes of moving other scopes just to get to the one I want.

I like owning a number of scopes because they provide some variety, particularly from my urban backyard. It is clear here quite often, switching scopes allows me to enjoy the objects with a different perspective, something that might be easy in one is a challenge in another. It also allows me to gauge my energy level, one night, I might be tired and I am going to be out there 40minutes, it's going to be a small scope. A couple of hours, I will take the time to setup something more significant.

From our high desert hideaway, it's a different situation but scope choice still depends on energy level as well as target choice. I typically choose between one of the three DOBs that live out there, a 12.5 inch F/4.06, a 16 inch F/4.42 and a 25 inch F/5. In addition I will setup an 80mm F/7 apo or my NP-101 and often my ST-80 fitted with the 2 inch focuser...

How many is too many... I find I am comfortable with something between 20-25 scopes. A good number are small, easy to store but I do have 6 scopes that are 10 inches or larger...

How many do I have now? If you can count them without a pencil and paper, you don't have enough... smile

I could live with just two scopes, the NP-101 would be one of them, it is very good at the stuff that a small scopes does best. The other scope... if there were only one other, it would probably be either the 12.5 inch F/4.06 or the 13.1 inch F/5.5. Both are small enough for backyard duty, capable enough for serious deepsky and portable enough to fit in car or motor home without any trouble.


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Posted 09/22/2013 01:20PM #1
I have about 20 with 4 10" or larger. Sold an Orion 8"f5 newt and 6"f8
Refractor and want them both back lol.
Even worse i hav nearly as many mounts.