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Oregon Camping - Smoke?

Started by pwp818, 06/29/2008 11:16AM
Posted 06/29/2008 11:16AM Opening Post
Wondering how the smoke from the CA fires is affecting Oregon? I searched the web for fires in OR, but was surprised to find none, considering that we have about 1,000 going here in CA.

I'm thinking of driving up there next week and would like recommendations on good astro locations that are not too crowded and have picturesque surroundings (since my wife is not a diehard like me). I notice the area northeast of crater lake is national forest and appears black on the CSC light pollution charts. But I'm wondering if that is more like high desert?
Posted 06/29/2008 08:31PM | Edited 06/29/2008 08:37PM #1
I just came back from 2 days of camping (and astrophotography) near Mt Hood.
We have easterly winds - zero smoke, zero clouds until this Sunday afternoon. Saw lightning at the horizon, some 100 miles to the south, must have been soutch & west of the three sisters. But the forecast is for Thunderstorms every night this whole week all over the Cascades.

Crater Lake is great, but the Campground in the park is - astronomically - useless, deep in the woods. Go for nearby Diamond Lake, 2 Campgrounds and a rustic, but full service resort there.
Alternatively drive up for observing to the viewpoint on the south rim, near Mount Scott - a location very similar to the Bumpass Hell parking lot on Mt Lassen. Zero traffic there after nightfall.
The next destination would be Steens Mountain / Fish Lake CG at 6000ft+. Was home of the Oregon Star Party until some 10 years ago. See their website. But weather - same Thunderstorms as in the Cascades.