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Crossing state lines with firearms - legal?

Started by ALCHEMIST1, 04/04/2008 08:49AM
Posted 04/04/2008 08:49AM Opening Post
Anyone done this? Is it legal? I didn't really know and rather than take a chance, I took the easy way out and sold my Colt 1911-style .45ACP pistol and .22LR conversion kit and my Benelli 12ga. shotgun before I moved from PA to TX. In retrospect, I should have done whatever was necessary to legally move them down with me. I really liked those guns.
Posted 04/07/2008 06:30AM | Edited 04/07/2008 06:30AM #1
Like other posters have said, generally, you can travel through most states with firearms if you have them cased and locked in a separate compartment from the driver.

If you move, you should be careful not to bring something from one state that is outlawed in your new state and make sure you comply with any registration requirements your new state might have. This is a good site to check for a compendium of current gun laws:

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