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Reblueing & Refinishing

Started by Lee_S, 03/26/2008 07:00AM
Posted 03/26/2008 07:00AM | Edited 03/26/2008 07:01AM Opening Post
What do you guys think about reblueing and refinishing antique firearms? I've got a single-shot .22 (probably a Savage) that was my grandfather's rifle when he was a kid (early 1920s). According to family lore, he could drive nails with it and it is pretty accurate. However, it is pretty beat up and the finish on the barrel is pretty much gone. It doesn't have any financial value, but it would be good to have and pass on to someone else in the family eventually. If I redid it (or had a professional redo it), the rifle could be preserved permanently, but it would lose a lot of character. Has anybody here refinished a firearm and how were your results?

I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.
Posted 03/26/2008 09:51PM #1
Hi Lee,

Boy this is a tough one - and it depends on what you want in the end. If the firearm has some real value, do it right (meaning professionally).....if it is just a family heirloom - clean it up but don't change it that much (meaning leave it rustic). The trouble with bluing - unless you have the hot tanks to do it right - cold processing will not give you a very favorable result - at least not in my experience. If you want it to look really nice have a professional gunsmith do it - but that is expensive. If it is just a family piece and a shooter at that - refinish the wood as best you can and leave the steel as gives it character IMHO.