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Zeroed my AR-15 yesterday

Started by reconair, 09/30/2013 10:37AM
Posted 09/30/2013 10:37AM Opening Post
Now it good to go. It's the first one I've personnaly owned since the Army. It's a Sig Sauer M400. Luv it.

Scott Busby
A.K.A. Reconair

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Posted 09/30/2013 11:50AM #1
Iron sights or optical?

I am using the stock iron sights on my Stag Arms AR-15, and it's the most fun that I've had out of bed. Now that I am getting better with the iron sights, I'm thinking of an optical sight. Unsure as to which one though. I was fortunate enough to try a Trijicon ACOG a couple of weeks ago. Very nice, but way above my paygrade.

Midway, FL