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Do drivers still use CB? & Williamsburg VA skies

Started by GregDamiani, 05/27/2007 01:55AM
Posted 05/27/2007 01:55AM Opening Post
This may be the wrong forum .. but its probably the ckosest.
I have a long family road trip coming up. Is CB radio still regularly used on the road? If not, what are drivers / truckers using to communicate (fmrs gmrs ?)

Most importantly, can anyone advise as to light pollution in the Williamsburg VA area? Are the skies dark? Should I pack the truss dob?


Posted 06/23/2007 06:20PM #1
That's a BIG-TEN-FOUR Good Buddy!! It you loot at the mirrors of large trucks you will still see CB antennas. Is it quite obvious by the length of the antennas that they are not VHF and therefore are not GMRS. Radio Shack is still selling CB radios.