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Forum Name Change

Started by jmcarp, 11/17/2008 08:23AM
Posted 11/17/2008 08:23AM Opening Post
Since the forum name "Ham Radio Talk" seemed to appeal to a very narrow segment of the Astromart community, I asked Herb to change the name of the forum to "Ham and Shortwave Radio." My hope is that this will encourage others, ham and non-ham alike, who are interested in in shortwave listening and radio in general to jump in and generate a little activity on this little slice of the Astromart bandwidth. Thanks, Herb, and welcome to any new forum participants.

Jim Carpenter WD5BKO
Forum Moderator
Posted 11/17/2008 09:13AM #1

Thanks for making the change happen. I have never been a ham but I have recently rekindled my interest in "World Band" listening.

Currently I am looking at putting up a real antenna and a real ground, right now I just have a couple of hokie wire antennas strung around inside, their positions chosen hit-miss by what seems to work best. Strangely the one that seems to be the most effective is simply a wire with an aligator clip attached to the aluminum frame of a sliding glass door.

I have a small backyard, I am thinking I may spring for one of the Eavedropper Trapped Dipoples, I think I could fit their 43 foot length in the back yard. I am not sure which is best to go with a Kenwood R-1000, the Twin Lead or the Coax model.

Any one have any thoughts on that? Or on better antennas at the $100 price point. I know I could build something but I projects = procrastination and they are fun to dream about but don't always get done.

Also, I am here on the west coast, all summer I was enjoying Radio New Zealand, 15720 evenings, 7145 in the early mornings. I haven't found reliable winter frequencies, any suggestions.. I have looked at what Passport suggests but only half heartedly.

Also, I was listening to Radio Netherlands on 6165 at 04:00 GMT in the summer but haven't found their winter stuff yet???

Best wishes, clear skies for the stars... Clear airwaves too.