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Disapearing AD

Started by SocalDarkSkies, 02/06/2004 08:18PM
Posted 02/06/2004 08:18PM Opening Post
Hello, I was wondering if I could find some advice here.

Today I responded to an ad for a Meade 8.8 Ultra Wide eyepiece. The ad's number was #247324 and was placed by an astromart user name Mike Obrien. He had a five star rating. Anyway Mike called me tonight and we agreed that I would send a money order his way for the eyepiece tomorrow. A few minutes ago I went back to find his ad and now I can find no trace of it except in my browsers cache. Doing a search for ad #247324 comes up empty as does a search for the User name "Mike Obrien". It's as if the ad and the user never existed. I don't have a lot of experience buying used equipment so am not sure what to think of this. Should I be concerned?

Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Jerry Mason