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Started by matt78, 01/10/2006 10:54PM
Posted 01/10/2006 10:54PM Opening Post
Dear all,

Very sorry for this massage but I need
very some help. I'm 28 years old amateur
astronomer from Poland. My main interest
are variable star and comet observing.
A few years ago my grandfather bought me
a Meade 16" Starfinder Dobson. That's
excellent still used equipmant. 3 years
ago Center of Backyard Astronomy donated
me a ST-7 CCD. I cannot observe using
this excellent camera cos my scope
not moving. I have a set of Mel Bartel's steppers and board. But the main problem is mount. The parts which
I can make in Poland are in cost to high. The gears can costs about 80%
of costs using mount for my Dobs as
see on Astromart.

So, can you, your friends know a person
which can donate me using mount (can without motors) or parts, may be slight
failed. Or even tips. Maybe in your coutnry existing company which can make something like this?

Thanks for any help.
You may contact me privately:
macres (at) pro . onet . pl
(please replace spaces)

Sorry for my bad english
Best regards,
Posted 01/11/2006 12:00AM #1

Are you looking for a mount for the Starfinder, or for a whole new mount/scope combination?

If whole new mount/scope, well, Good Luck.

But if you are looking for a mount for the Dob base, I would suggest you look into an equatorial platform, which will allow some limited astro-imaging--and should be something you can build yourself with relatively little cost. That seems to be what you already have in mind.

Good Luck.