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Noble Prophet turned to our Lord and Creator and s

Started by ref68, 12/25/2009 02:41PM
Posted 12/25/2009 02:41PM | Edited 12/25/2009 02:45PM Opening Post
[COLOR="Blue"]O God, enlighten my heart, my eyes, and my ears.
Let there be light on my right and on my left.
Let there be light above me and below me, in
front of me and behind me. Envelope me in light.
O God, I turn myself to Thee, I resign myself to Thee,
I entrust myself to Thee, I submit myself to Thee,
I hope for Thy mercy and fear Thy wrath.
There is no refuge and peace save in Thee.
I believe in the Book Thou hast sent,
and the Prophet Thou hast raised.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Fuchsia"]O God, I seek good of Thy knowledge and strength
of Thy omnipotence and solicit Thy infinite bounty.
Verily, Thou decreest, and I decree not.
Thou knowest and I know not.
Thou art the knower of all that is hidden.
If in Thy knowledge this affair be good for me
spiritually, materially, and in its consequences,
then decree it and let it abound in Thy blessings.
But if in Thy knowledge this affair be evil for me
spiritually, materially, and in its consequences,
then turn it away and keep me from it;
then provide good for me wherever it may be
and let me be satisfied with it.[/COLOR]

O God, guide me among those whom Thou hast
guided aright, and preserve me among those whom
Thou hast preserved, and befriend me among those
whom Thou hast befriended, and bless me in what
Thou hast granted me, and protect me from the
evils of what Thou hast judged; verily,
Thou judgest and none can judge against Thee.
Verily, he whom Thou hast befriended cannot be disgraced,
he cannot be honored whom Thou has turned against.
Blessed art Thou, O Lord and Exalted;
shower blessings upon Thy Prophet.

[COLOR="Green"]In the name of God, I trust in God,
there is no power and no strength except with God.
O God, I seek refuge in Thee from misguiding and
being misguided, from oppressing and from being oppressed
and from acting ignorantly toward others and
from falling victim to ignorance practiced upon me by others.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Fuchsia"]O God, I seek Thy protection against grief and sorrow,
I seek Thy protection against want of means and sloth;
I seek Thy protection against cowardice and miserliness;
I seek Thy protection against indebtedness
and the tryanny of men (loss of freedom)

Glory to Thee, O God, Thou art worthy of all praise,
blessed is Thy name and exalted is Thy state.
There is none worthy of worship save thee.

[COLOR="Purple"]O God, we seek Thy help and beseech Thy forgiveness.
We have faith and trust in Thee.
We give unto Thee the best praise.
We thank Thee, and we are not ungrateful.
We cast off and forsake him who disobeys Thee.
O God, Thee alone do we worship,
and to Thee we pray and make obeisance.
And unto Thee we flee and in Thee we seek refuge.
We hope for Thy mercy and fear Thy chastisement.
Verily, Thy chastisement overtakes the unbeliever. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]O God, hide my defects and relieve me of my distresses.
O God, I hope for Thy mercy.
Leave me not unto myself even for the twinkling of an eye,
and better all my conditions.
There is none fit to be worshipped besides Thee! [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Maroon"]O God, Thou art Peace, all peace emanates from Thee.
Blessed art Thou, O Possessor of glory and honor.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"](from book The Life of Muhammad by Sufi Mutiur Rahman Bengalee) [/COLOR]

Mary Christmas!
Posted 12/25/2009 03:34PM #1
Absolutely beautiful. A very comforting prayer that kind of take's the pressure off of you and just leave your trouble's and problem's in God's hand's and have faith that God will always be with you even thru the bad times. It's alway's easy to remember to call on God during bad times and we should always remember the provider of any and all good blessing's.

Merry Christmas,