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Prayer for my wife

Started by dhilts, 02/28/2010 04:05PM
Posted 02/28/2010 04:05PM Opening Post
My wife joined me in Florida after WSP2010 and we had a few days to see some of the sights of Miami and the Florida Keys. When we returned home she went to the doctors for abdominal cramps due to suspected gall stones. Complications from a diagnostic procedure have left her in the hospital, unable to eat and in a great deal of pain. She has had two blood transfusions in the last 48 hours. She has never been sick before and is very scared as I am. Please include her in your prayers.

God help my wife to find some comfort, end her suffering and give her the strength to have faith that all is unfolding as it should. Amen
Posted 02/28/2010 05:16PM #1
Dan, it is sad to hear about her problems. My best wishes for a speedy recovery. I would be a mess if my wife was sick.

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Posted 02/28/2010 05:46PM #2
Hi Dan,
Ofcourse we will all be praying for your wife. I have sent your posting to some of my friend's also so that they will pray for her too. Your wife need's you to be strong for her, so you make sure to take care of yourself thru all this. Just put it in God's hand's, it's alway's easier that way. He has control over everthing.
May God Bless,
Posted 03/03/2010 03:24PM #3
Since my original post here my wife has had one additional transfusion and has gotten much stronger. This morning at 6:00am she had the surgery to correct the problem that caused her initial grief and she is expected to recover fully.

Many thanks to all who offered prayers and support.