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Anyone seen Primeval, British SF series?

Started by yahganlang, 10/05/2008 02:56PM
Posted 10/05/2008 02:56PM Opening Post
I hadn't even heard of this until about three weeks ago, found it while switching channels. 'Anomalies', or holes in time, allow people to cross into the past or future, or other things to cross into our time, or other eras. All sorts of nasties end up roaming woods, surging through malls, and generally causing problems like eating the customers.

A covert government agency has to find the incursions and send the beasties back. Not everyone is on the same page, however- one team scientist's ex wife decided to stay in the past and has caused all sorts of mayhem, including changing history so that her ex-husband's new girlfriend, also on the team, simply vanishes from existence, only to show up again as someone completely different. And there are people with hidden agendas.

The graphics are VERY good- the main (anti)hero is a paleontologist! Feels a little like a temporal Stargate, though.

BUT, everyone is trading off these days anyway- has anyone seen the premier of Sanctuary, with Amanda Tapping doing the whole British accent thing? She looks pretty good for a 157 year old wench. Her recruitment of a former FBI profiler-guy was right out of the original Stargate movie where Daniel Jackson is sought by the elderly Stargate researcher, right down to his standing in the rain next to her in the limo.

Still, it looked as if they spent a lot LESS on graphics- I guess the difference is going into Tappings pocket. The monsters are much less convincing- kind of an X-Men meets Dark Shadows.

Jess Tauber
Posted 10/30/2008 06:17AM #1
Same, watched it a few times and have given up. It just doesn't have too much substance. I fear even Doctor Who is going the same way, the last series was just okay. Torchwood rocks!!!

I say, bring back Red Dwarf!!!

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