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Elite: Dangerous - A Computer Game for Astronomers

Started by filmdos, 11/02/2014 04:13PM
Posted 11/02/2014 04:13PM | Edited 11/07/2014 12:12PM Opening Post
Since there is no gaming forum for us, I'll just stick this here for now. After 30 years of wishin' and hopin', one of my favorite astro-computer games is being re-realized. Originally called Elite, then Frontier Elite for the Amiga (my old fave), then Frontier Close Encounters (a bad port to the PC)David Braben has successfully crowd-funded and is about to go to Alpha release with Elite: Dangerous. Stupid name but this looks like an incredible deep space game. The thing that Sets Braben apart from other designers is his passion for astronomical accuracy. Even the 30 year old games had accurate (though limited) local starmaps and the universe of Elite: Dangerous will have accurate and explorable 3D maps of, not only the 7000 or so stars visible to our naked eye, but 160,000 more only visible in telescopes - plus the coders are working on building out numerous further regions based on Hubble shots. Bot-algorithms will flesh out the rest of the galaxy beyond that to a current goal of 400 billion playable star systems. Nuff said? If you're curious, just Google "elite dangerous" and check out the stills and videos.