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Farewell To The Master- The Day The Earth Stood St

Started by ks1u, 11/29/2008 01:26PM
Posted 11/29/2008 01:26PM Opening Post
My favorite movie of all time, the 50's version of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" is having its remake released in early December. I've not heard how truly it conforms to the original movie or to the short story upon which it was based, "Farewell To The Master". Has anyone heard of any leaks about the plot and ending? I wouldn't be too disapointed if the new version ended like the original movie or the story (which were quite different). I'm hoping, however, they didn't stray too far from one or the other. The enhanced special effects should be nice, but will not compensate for too much artistic license with respect to the story line. :S
Posted 12/01/2008 10:54AM #1
From the trailer it looks sort of War of the Worldsy. And the interrogation scene of Keeanu Reeves smacks of a take off from The Matrix. But what the hooey we have always had to take what we can get from sci-fi. I haven't seen a movie that i could say I honestly enjoyed in months. Maybe this one will break the dry spell.

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Posted 12/01/2008 08:12PM #2
From what I've read so far, the ending strays considerably from the '51 classic. I also think that the way the plot is carried out will not engender similar responses from the audience.