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I saw, The Day The Earth Stood Still

Started by ks1u, 12/12/2008 03:32PM
Posted 12/12/2008 03:32PM | Edited 12/13/2008 06:59AM Opening Post
I saw the remake today, I won't give away any specific plots, but overall I'd say it was "OK" not great, not terrible, just OK. It could have been excellent, but the writers chose a canned appeal to the masses approach rather than an intellectual one. The movie could have saved some money and chosen a different title and left out a few names the original had. The plot was vaguely similar to the original movie, and the ending was different than either the original movie or the short story "Farewell to the Master". One glaring error, I wish I could replay it for confirmation, is in a scene were a military guy is talking about the robot, he says it is "silicone" based life not "silicon". For anyone going to see it, perhaps you can confirm what I heard. The movie smacked of a Steven King script and not Harry Bates.
Anyhow, it's probably worth seeing but don't try to compare it to the original, you'll most likely be disappointed. :S
Posted 12/12/2008 06:45PM #1
Silicone-based life, eh? I'm guessin' he wasn't thinkin' Arby's, hmmmmmm? grin

If you think this was celluloid slaw, wait til' the remake of 'Forbidden Planet' gets out. Robbie will be doing dance routines and singing how great it is to be a robot, and the monster will lead all in a rendition of 'Circle of Life'.

Jess Tauber
Posted 12/15/2008 12:07PM #2
Speaking of the original Bates story, "Farewell to the Master", I found the full text of it on a site called the Nostalgia League:

They have a great listing of oldies-but-goodies at:


-Paul S. Walsh
Posted 01/14/2009 09:50AM #3
I awaited this movie since it was first announced. I was disappointed and felt it lacked much. Maybe my expectations were too high. They at least could have included some new arrangements for the theremin. grin

That might have made it even more tacky.

[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]per me caeci vident[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]
Posted 03/03/2009 10:13PM #4
I saw it in the theatre when it was first released. I recall the "silicone" line, also. If anyone in production caught it, they probably figured that not many would "get it", and redoing the line would cost too much time and money. I remember in SG1 where there was this "time dilation device", or something being prepared for transport. One of the techs working on it had a crescent wrench about 3 feet long, trying to turn a bolt. Think they did that one on purpose?