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Whats the most realistic portrayal of an alien?

Started by Peter Glus, 01/14/2008 09:53PM
Posted 01/14/2008 09:53PM Opening Post
Getting over the fact that this is an odd question (what is a realiztic portrayal of a yet-to-be-discovered thing), what do you think?

My vote is for "T2" Not a sci-fi movie, but I think at some point intelligence and flesh-and-blood split paths.
Posted 01/14/2008 10:01PM #1
I gotta go with the Tribbles from old Star Trek. If we find aliens they are going be tribbles or that weird silicone blob from Star Trek that could go through rock like it was nothing. If I remember right, McCoy fixed it with cement mix or something. 8)

I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.
Posted 01/14/2008 10:08PM #2
Posted 01/16/2008 02:54PM | Edited 01/16/2008 02:54PM #3
The worst alien is Ro-man from the awful movie "Robot Monster" A gorilla suit with a space helmet. The absolute worst evah!

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