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Started by mrvolvo, 08/10/2011 05:35PM
Posted 08/10/2011 05:35PM Opening Post
BOLO = Be On the Look Out

In the early morning hours of August 9, 2011, the Boise, Idaho home of a close friend of mine was burglarized, resulting in a significant loss of astronomy equipment. The victim is a long time member of my astro club and a long time university astronomy lab adjunct professor, but not a member of Astromart. I wanted to list the stolen items here, both to prevent the sale of stolen equipment on Astromart and to aid in affecting their recovery.

Missing items:

1. 6" Antares achromatic refractor telescope, white OTA, with home made wooden storage case. (see photo)

2. EQ5 German equatorial mount & tripod, black, without battery pack or hand controller. (see photo)

3. Large, flat, tan plastic accessory case, containing:
- A varied selection of TeleVue eyepieces.
- A varied selection of Orion Stratus eyepieces.
- 2" diagonal.
- Several extension tubes.
- A 3.75" diameter convex Cassegrain secondary mirror, used to convert a large, homemade Newtonian scope into a Cassegrain reflector. This is a thick, heavy, semi mushroom shaped piece of glass, custom made, one of a kind.

This incident has been reported to Police. If anyone happens across any of this equipment, either on-line or in person, please notify Boise (Idaho) Police, Astromart management or me privately, as appropriate.

Thanks for any help.

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