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Stolen telescope and equipment!

Started by roaesch, 05/22/2011 08:51AM
Posted 05/22/2011 08:51AM Opening Post
On or about May 19, 2011 my storage unit in Moscow, Idaho was broken into. These articles were among the things taken.
Stolen items 05/20/2011: Moscow Police case #11-M04395


Orion 120 ED telescope, with add-on GSO two speed focuser, in Orion telescope bag with two solar filters, 8x50 Orion erect image finder scope, and a 2" dielectric star diagonal. 'Scope has some distinctive vinyl graphics including a Large ~4" Yellow stripe around the dew shield, A red arrow on each side, a 'yin-yang' on the bottom.

Orion Sirius mount with steel tripod two counter weights, one painted yellow. The mount was wrapped in a white towel and in a cloth bag, weighs about 30#.
A heavy leather case/bag, rustic looking with a double handle that can be connected with a leather flap and two snaps. The case contained two counter weights for the telescope, a Rigel systems quick finder, a computer 'goto' hand paddle for the Sirius mount and a dual-axis hand paddle for the Sirius mount. Other cables including cigarette lighter power cable for the Sirius mount, and three Celestron anti-vibration pads.

A blue canvas bag with: a Garmin GPS II hand held unit, AA and AAA batteries, a couple of green lasers, and various items useful while observing or setting up.

An Orion eyepiece case with many very expensive eyepieces including: 2" Explore Scientific 100 eyepieces, the entire 100 series: 20mm, 14mm, and 9mm sizes, also Televue 31mm 2" and 2.5mm and 5mm 1.25" Nagler eyepieces, an Hyperion 3.5mm wide field eyepiece, a 2" University Optics 40mm Konig-7 eyepiece, a 2" GSO ED barlow and a 2" Orion 'Highlight' 3x barlow lens, plus miscellaneous filters.

A plastic pistol case with optical stuff inside including a 24mm 2" Meade Ultra Wide eyepiece, a Meade 1.25" 6.8mm Ultra Wide Angle eyepiece, a 2" Lumicon UHC filter and various other filters and eyepieces.

An Orion Orion AstroView Equatorial Telescope Mount with dual axis motors and a wooden tripod.

Tasco Offshore 55 binoculars with illuminated compass.

Small (3" disk) white navigation compass, deck mount.

Two yellow Sevylor inflatable boats, one a two man size, the other a three man size, and dual action inflation pump. Each of these was packed in a nylon bag with handles.

Kitchen camping stuff, a single burner butane stove with fuel canister, plastic eating utensils and other kitchen items in a black bag.

Two inexpensive samurai style swords from Taiwan. Black scabbards with a dragon in silver on the sides, and black cotton wrapped handles. Tsuba (guard) and kashira (butt cap) are chromed with wave pattern and marine animal motif. The blades are stainless steel, not great quality but they are sharp!

1925 Buescher silver plate mellophone and case with tuning slides for keys of C, D Eb, and F.

Old silver plated cornet and case with Bb and A tuning slides.

Chinese flugelhorn (lacquer) and case.

A Benge 8Z cornet (silver) in very poor shape, in a plastic bag.

An Ibanez fretless base guitar with natural wood body, also bass amps.

Inexpensive classical guitar.

If you should encounter someone trying to sell a collection of items like this please contact the police or me at:

Ralph Aeschliman
1220 E 5th Street Apt 10
Moscow, ID 83843

Posted 05/22/2011 09:46AM #1
Sorry to hear about that Ralph. sad Hope that some one gets a lead for you.

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Amateur Imager
Posted 05/25/2011 03:51AM #2

My daughter and her boyfriend are students at U-I in Moscow and live near the campus. I have copied your list/info and emailed it to them, just in case they run across any of your stuff in the area. My daughter knows astro gear and musical instruments and her boyfriend is into guitars.

I hope your stuff is recovered before it leaves the area.
Posted 05/27/2011 12:44AM #3
david goldman said:

...I've heard the best lock to prevent theft are those circular silver looking locks. That's what was recomended to my daughter because they have had similar breakins in their storage facility.

No matter how good a lock you put on a public storage unit, you still run the risk of losing your stuff. The weak point in these storage facilities are the interior walls. Many storage units are separated by only a single layer of unfinished 1/2" sheet rock. This means that if any unit under the same roof is left unlocked, a burglar can simply enter and kick his way through sheet rock wall after sheet rock wall until he reaches the jackpot. Some storage facilities use inexpensive wafer board walls, which is stronger than sheet rock but the walls often don't reach the ceiling/roof. This means that thieves can simply climb over the walls into adjacent storage units.

Since the security of any storage facility relies on all of the exterior overhead doors being securely locked all the time, take a look at the locks other people are using. Some of them will be cheap Chinese made locks from the Dollar Store, which can be opened with a bent paper clip or one smack with a hammer.

Needless to say, I don't store any of my stuff in a public storage facility.
Posted 06/01/2011 10:41AM #4

This is Andre in Seattle (80mm AstroTelescope).
I'm sorry to see you got ripped off.
The scumbags, I hope they get caught quickly.
I'll certainly keep an eye for them your items.
Good Luck...