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Posts Made By: Mark Visser

July 22, 2002 11:21 PM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By Mark Visser

Which filter would be better for galaxies or nebulae and by what % ?? or do they all essentially do the same things only at different levels?? I noticed the price varies which is why I am asking. Example if a 0 111 filter is only 10 % better than a light polution filter then it's not worth it to me to spend twice as much on a 0 111 filter.

1. light polution filter
2. nebulae filter
3. uhc filter
4. 0 111 filter

Any help would be appreciated..


Mark Visser

August 13, 2002 07:00 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Re: Mystery reflector on ebay

Posted By Mark Visser

Hi John,

I would probably stay away.. but that is my cautious nature... if anything went wrong then what?? I checked the feed back and there are no negatives which is good.. I also checked to see if there was any feed back on any other of the same telescopes. There was none so you have no gauge to go by. When checking his other products I noticed he had lots of these for sale which is good... ( gives you a chance for a good deal).

I would e-mail him and ask him where these came from. Another fellow was doing the same thing and I e-mailed him and he said he had bought the remainder of a discontinued telescopes from Meade in a certain model.. The scope however did not say meade on it. ( I stayed away ).

What is the return policy???

John, you could take a chance a maybe get a good deal but I would seriously buy from a reputable dealer with a name brand telescope that is known to be tried and true. You will never regret buying that way but you probably will regret buying a no-name. Also if you buy a name brand your re-sale price will be a lot better. Also I wouldn't hesitate to buy used but make sure it is a name brand scope and it will go a long ways to keep from getting burned.. and if you don't like it you can usually sell it for what you paid for it because you bought it used. There are lot's of good deals here on Astromart if you keep your eye open.

One other avenue is to check out the sales and 2nds. I would sooner buy a second from Orion than take a chance on a scope like the one on e-bay you just asked about..

Mark V

August 21, 2002 07:35 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

optic questions

Posted By Mark Visser

Has anyone tried out the surplus shed plossl eyepieces?? if so what do they compare to??

what about their kits with the build your own instructions?

I have an 8" f6 dob.... How do I know which eyepiece over 26mm will work and which won't? Is there a way to calculate this??

On a tight budget like the rest of us..

Any help would be appreciated


Mark V

August 22, 2002 03:19 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Which eyepiece for 8" dob

Posted By Mark Visser


I would like to get a new eyepiece greater than 28mm for my 8" dob f6... I have heard that some eyepieces in this range do not work well with an 8" dob..

How do I tell which ones will and which ones won't...

I also have a 2 inch focuser... Would all 2" eyepieces work ok??

I'm not referring to panoptics or anything like that but just the cheaper eyepieces in the range of 28 to 50mm

Any info would be appreciated.... even a website to calculate these things.


Mark V

September 3, 2002 03:37 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

15 x 70 bino versus 8 inch dob

Posted By Mark Visser

Hi, I was observing the Andromeda galaxy the other night. I initially located it with my 15 X 70 bino's and it was beautiful. I then located it with my 8" dob but it was somehow smaller meaning that the bino's were showing a lot more of the outside edges than the dob was...

1. is this a case of two eyes are better than one?
2. is something wrong with my dob?
3. is this because of the wider field of the bino's?

Any help would be appreciated.


Mark V

September 5, 2002 02:16 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Mystery object in the west

Posted By Mark Visser

I know I'm going to feel real silly for asking but......

The last couple of nights I have seen an object in the west the brightness of Venus. Only one problem.... It's been changing color from green to yellow to red to white and not necessarily in the same order at any one time. It's definitely not a plane as several blew by it during the time I was viewing. I am viewing about 45 minutes east of Detroit.

Has anyone else seen this?? or know what it is??

Mark V

January 5, 2003 01:27 AM Forum: Telescope Making

mount for refractor

Posted By Mark Visser

I know this has been asked before but....

Does anyone have any links to some websites with designs on how to make your own mount for a refractor (120mm f8.3)

even a poor man's pipe mount would do..



January 9, 2003 02:18 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

pinched optics??? Help !!

Posted By Mark Visser

I keep my 8 inch dob outside in my Garage.. As I am in Canada it's gets below freezing for long periods of time..

I took it out the other night and everything was fuzzy.. I figured it must need collimating... I put my chesire in and everything lined up ( meaning close to being centred)... However it looked like I was seeing double... I was seeing 2 black dots overlapping each other and the cirle of light around the black dot looked as if it was a pie with one triangular piece missing..

Could this be pinched optics from it being so cold in the Garage??

Is there and websites that could explain anything about this

Thanks for any info you could provide..

Mark Visser

January 23, 2003 02:26 AM Forum: Pictures of Me and My Telescope and........


Posted By Mark Visser

Here is a picture of my 8" dob on the wagon I use to cart it around my back yard with..

April 27, 2003 02:40 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Good Book

Posted By Mark Visser

Hi All,

I'm looking for a good book that has information about what I am observing... Star atlas's have none... I realize there is a host of information on the net but I am an outside person and would sooner read outside in the sunshine.. ( or inside on the lazy boy in the winter)..

I'm interested in mostly the brighter galaxies like m81,m82,m51 and nebulas etc... that I can see from my backyard... I already know how to find them but just want more information "about" them

Any suggestions would be appreciated

*** By the way.... Anyone else see 2 moon shadows and the great beige spot last night? ( April 26th )


Mark v