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Posts Made By: Mark Visser

April 7, 2004 05:44 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

It ain't purty, but it works

Posted By Mark Visser

In all seriousness.... these will work great for regular bino's as well....

My wife and family laughed themselves silly but little do they know I will be making a pair of these.... I just won't show them... (big grin)

Mark V

April 7, 2004 09:10 AM Forum: Telescope Making

center spot a diagonal

Posted By Mark Visser

1.To centre the diagonal

2. Just to make sure the optical path is aligned as straight as possible.

3.I'm afraid I am also a tinker aholic.

Clear skies...

Mark V

April 8, 2004 01:53 PM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By Mark Visser


Do a quick google search on free astronomy software.. There are some good ones out there but I just can't remember what they are.

I would download and install several.. They all have an option to set your latitude and longitude to make the sky relevent to your area..

See which ones appeal to you most and just uninstall the others.

I prefer software myself... I just print out the area of sky I'm interested in for the night and bring the sheet out with me.. No worries about ruining the sheet cause I can just print out another..

I usually take several with me.. One of the general area, then I keep zooming in and print out a couple more... I live in a light polluted area so this method works good for me..

Mark V

April 23, 2004 01:03 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

See this pic....

Posted By Mark Visser

Have you tried different speeds on the fan which may help you detect any patterns??


April 30, 2004 01:21 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Good Telescope Wanted for an 8 Year Old

Posted By Mark Visser

Lots of great advice here..... the one thing that hasn't been asked is this..

Do you yourself own a scope?? Then maybe think about getting one that would compliment it in case your son loses interest... Example if you already have an 8" dob or something then no sense getting him one...

Just my .02 in "addition" to what the others have said.

Mark Visser

May 3, 2004 04:14 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

shipping an OTA

Posted By Mark Visser

double box, double box, double box, double box, double box, double box, double box......................

Mark Visser

May 4, 2004 03:24 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

So what is the problem with the 102F6....

Posted By Mark Visser

all the above.... (grin)

All were stopped down with baffling. The argument is anywhere from 76mm to 90mm depending on what calculations you use.
A few had astigmatism so bad it wasn't usable.
Others had bad yellow hallows and some not so bad..
Some had shipping damage to focusers etc..
The crosshairs on the finders turned out to be to dim to see and some objectives cells on the finder came unglued..

Most were able to be fixed by the do it yourselfers..( me being one)But some were unfixable and they are waiting for the new lense.

Then there are those like me who received a reasonable scope and am happy... I will be getting the upgrade when available.

I don't think I missed anything..

Other than the fact that Bill is "not" making any more of these... He is just trying to fill the semi-apo order at this point. The current 102f6 owners can upgrade to this lens..

Mark Visser

May 6, 2004 07:46 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

A little help please..

Posted By Mark Visser

Tom & Dan,

I took the len's out again.. rotated the top lense 180 degrees ( thinking I probably did this by accident in the first place ). I then replaced them in the cell again and tapped several times to seat properly.

As luck would have it the skies cleared up... Although the atmosphere was shaky ( lots of twinkling going on ) I was able to do a star test to see if I made progress..

As long as I kept the star exactly in the centre of the eyepiece there was very little astigmatism.. yeahhhh success ( grin ).

Jupiter was still a bit fuzzy so I know I have a slight collimation problem yet. But I'll deal with that later..

Thanks again

Mark Visser

June 1, 2004 04:31 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Fake Bills

Posted By Mark Visser

Sorry for the confusion guys.... I wasn't referring to customs... Of course I would never do a fake bill for that!

I was referring to the fake bill to get it by your wife and was mean't to be humorous smile

Clear skies

Mark Visser

June 1, 2004 01:13 PM Forum: Telescope Making

Mirror cleaning fluids

Posted By Mark Visser

I had a similar problem only it was on a lens not a mirror... I tried all the standard formulas to no avail including acetone.. Since it was a lens I tried windex as a last resort.. It worked....but it really streaked bad so I had to go over it afterward with acetone..

The only thing is I've heard you can't use windex on a mirror ( not sure why )..

Did you try just soaking it over night in soap and water??

Mark Visser