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Posts Made By: Mark Visser

June 8, 2004 11:12 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Venus Transit - See What Even Low Cost Can Do?

Posted By Mark Visser

Nice Pic ! I see the teardrop effect starting to show....

I was able to see about the last 1 1/2 hours in Chatham, On Canada... ( close to Detroit Michigan)

Mark V

July 13, 2004 12:54 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Collimating 10 in. Dob

Posted By Mark Visser

1. First center the laser on the primary by adjusting the "secondary".

2. Then center the laser back to the eyepiece by adjusting the "primary".

Mark Visser

July 21, 2004 05:06 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Update on the 20x100 Binoculars?

Posted By Mark Visser

Hi Ray,

Your best to stay off this forum if you want a serious answer without all the bull that goes with it..

I think if I answered you on this forum you would right away get some Stupid replies with equally stupid retorts to those stupid replies with some more stupid retorts to those stupid replies and on an on she goes.

Call Bill... He will be happy to answer your question. His number is (865) 769-8777.

Mark Visser

September 18, 2004 07:07 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

A Horse is a Horse......

Posted By Mark Visser

I own a 10" dob... My biggest "WOW" factor???

Well let's just say it had nothing to do with equipment... It was naked eye in a dark sky... Yup a dark sky... What a difference!!

My second biggest "WOW" factor was a pair of 15x70's in the same sky.. I could see M101 quite clearly which I can't with my 10" dob in the City..

Just my .02

Mark Visser

September 20, 2004 12:37 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Re: Blinking Planetary

Posted By Mark Visser

I remember my first view.... I didn't think I had the right planetary because it didn't blink.. Then I used averted vision and it got bigger.. I switched with the direct on view and then averted which created the blinking effect.. It was only then that I knew I had the right one for sure...

Mark Visser

September 20, 2004 09:07 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

International Shipping from USA

Posted By Mark Visser

Hi Mike,

I'm from Canada and thus am subject to duty and taxes... However.... All I've ever asked is that the seller only list the selling price as the value of the goods.. example: Please don't put the value as 1,000.00 when I've only paid $500.00. otherwise I pay duty and tax on the 1,000.00 aarrgghh. >sad

And a great big thanks smile for those who do sell to Canadians... most of us are willing to pay the extra shipping,duty,tax and exchange on the value we paid, because it is still cheaper than buying it in Canada.. ( for most "used" goods anyways..)

Just my .02

Mark Visser

September 23, 2004 06:36 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Zoom eyepieces

Posted By Mark Visser

Thanks for all the info... I really appreciate it..

I have a 10" dob with a focal length of 1255. My skies on a typical night allow about 200 to 300 magnification on the planets so I think the 3-6 zoom would be a bit much.. I could really see the value of it if I had a shorter focal length though.

I do have a powermate 2.5x which I was thinking of using it with a mid range zoom like 12-24 or 8 to something range... that way I could just use 3 eyepieces, a 30mm ultima,the powermate, and the zoom. Would that work ok? It would be just for visual..

I realize that in the end only "I" will be able to tell if I like it once I've tried the zoom but maybe some of you have been this route before and could advise ?? Or maybe there is some other alternatives... My budget is only around 100 u.s. for something.

Thanks all

Mark Visser

September 23, 2004 12:51 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Minimum aperture for globulars and galaxies?

Posted By Mark Visser

There is no minimum aperature grin You will always want to see "more" and go deeper than your current scope will show you and the next thing you know is that you've caught aperature fever grin

Just my .02

October 1, 2004 08:15 AM Forum: Binoviewers

Things that make you go hmmm...

Posted By Mark Visser

I was going to order a pair but I have a dob... Apparently they won't work with my GS dob because of the focuser travel....Bill is working on a fix for this but I am going to wait until I am sure the fix works...

Mark Visser

October 6, 2004 01:29 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Let the snow ball roll.

Posted By Mark Visser

"I think that the talk about the upcoming scopes from TMB and Burgess needs to just let the snow ball roll until it hits the bottom of the hill. When it does, some one is going to be eating a large portion of crow. I for one hate the taste of crow. So I have been holding my tongue on this. I don't think anyone can speak with knowledge and authority on the issue of what is coming except Tom and Jim who are paying the bills on this one."

Who's Jim??? Ya I know who ya meant... figured I may as well add to the mayhem.. grin

Mark Visser