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Posts Made By: Mark Visser

March 4, 2005 10:59 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Electric Focuser

Posted By Mark Visser

What about the one the sell at Orion Telescope?

Mark Visser

March 27, 2005 08:37 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Re: BO 102 f/6

Posted By Mark Visser

Hey Jon,

You can put your scope up for auction too grin You've got a real money maker grin

Sorry couldn't resist... grin

Mark Visser

November 30, 2005 07:41 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

BO 102F6 on AM, Alert...

Posted By Mark Visser

In Defense??

ok no excuse for the original asking price... But if it were at 150.00 as originally bought with included accessories and it was the same as my original one I would buy it...I must have got lucky on mine.. I wish I never sold it... but I needed the money for other toys.. Music and astronomy are like the most expensive hobbies ever...... arggghhhh

February 9, 2006 11:41 AM Forum: Politics

This cartoon thing is getting out of hand

Posted By Mark Visser

Where can we view these cartoons?

May 1, 2006 07:44 AM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

65mm .. seriously

Posted By Mark Visser

thanks guys.... I guess I would just have change my observing habits... I usually just roll out my 10" dob from the garage and start viewing... I really liked the appeal of a smaller scope too but wasn't really happy with the short tube 80's for example...I keep buying them, then eventually selling them because I find myself always going back to the dob...I also don't have much time for observing so most of it has to be from my urban yard.. I guess I must be still really inexperienced at observing because I have a hard enough time trying to find things ( well mostly I like to chase galaxies and nebulae)in my dob. I could imagine the difficulty I would have with a small 65mm scope..

Mark V

June 26, 2006 12:21 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Dob Mirror Question

Posted By Mark Visser

Thanks guys smile

I feel much better now. grin grin

December 22, 2004 01:30 PM Forum: Polls

It should be.....

Posted By Mark Visser

Merry Christmas Everyone !! grin

Mark V

January 7, 2005 07:47 PM Forum: Polls

I believe that......

Posted By Mark Visser

the only problem with your theory is that if you believe in God then you must believe that he breathed life into Adam ( a human ) not an animal such as the ape... it's one or the other...

I do believe that God could have created the earth & universe at any stage or age at all including fossils and all..

Mark V