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Posts Made By: David Randall

July 6, 2020 04:36 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Remote Imaging

Posted By David Randall

I have a TP-Link N450 (TL-WR940N) wifi router in my observatory.  It has 3 antennas for maximizing range, and I get strong signal from inside my trailer connected to the observatory about 50' away.  Something like that with 802.11n should be sufficient to get you remotely connected and running your setup.

Thunder Creek Observatory 

July 6, 2020 04:46 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Multiple telescope roll off question

Posted By David Randall

My ROR has two piers, and has a 3rd scope on a tripod.  The building itself is 10'x12'.  I think with a little better pre-planning, I could have arranged the piers for better clearance, but I was only thinking one pier at the time of my build.  I don't do visual in my ROR, so if you plan to do visual, clearances need to be bigger to allow movement inside the observatory.  Two of the scopes are refractors about 3' end to end, the 3rd is a small RedCat scope on an Orion Sirius mount. 


Thunder Creek Observatory